Under the Tuscan Sun


Under the Tuscan Sun

We created this exciting gift with your most special greetings in mind. Filled with wine orientated gifts, and different from each side viewed. Can be filled to your request but this one contains:- Wine wafers, Allegro chocolate cookies, Olivos wine biscuits, Artichoke and Parnesan dip, various Biscotti, Large Summer Beef Sausage, Cheddar Cheese spread, Merlot wine flavored cheese spread, Guylian chocolate twists, Hazelnut Coffee, Smoked Salmon, Smoked Almonds, Cracked wheat wafers, Lobster pate, Fruit Bon Bons, Dolcetta wafers, Tuscan Foccacia crisps, Gormleys Raspberry Honey Mustard and wine bottle spreader accoutrement. Dripping with Ivy, Baccus style Grape bunches and decadent bows and ribbon. Superb!


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