Summer Grillin


Summer Grillin

Served in an elegant and useful dark rattan tray basket. We have included the grill pan with collapsible handle perfect for grilling vegetables, plus the wood handled tongs. Gormlys of Vermont waffle Pretzels and their Honey Mustard Dijon Mustard, Bottle of Cornichon Gerkins, The Carolina Nut Company barbecue peanuts, Artichoke Dip, Grissini, Cape Cod Salad Dressing, Key Lime Lemonade or Iced Tea mixers dependent on stock, New York Bagel Co Rissotto chips, 2 x flavored Marinades, 2 x Marguerite glasses and a bottle of Marguerite mixer. Napkin and floral picks added dependent on recipient, floral or berried. Co ordinated ribbons and bows added.


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